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On Lesson 25 @25

Quote: “When you take control of your attitude, you take control of your life.”
Roy T. Bennett

Incase you missed it, I had my 25th birthday on Friday 31st of May and I’m still yet to recover from the experience, still getting gifts and the love shown has been overwhelming. Thanks to y’all, a thug almost cried.

Birthday cake and bag from Fam ❤

Since I started officially writing in 2015, I’ve had a tradition of writing out lessons learnt for each age yearly on my birthday and this year won’t be an exception. Over the years, I’ve highlighted 24 lessons amongst which includes;
– Write it down
– Let it go
– Do it anyway
– Get some time off
– Fellowship
– Seal your lips
– Rules
– The show must go on
– Forgetting Your Past
– Live like you mean it
And last year was – Be purposeful
You can read my thoughts on these lessons on the blog, check it out here and here too. These lessons have really shaped my life and sometimes I still go back to read about them (Yes, I take a dose of my prescription sometimes too).

Over the past one year, I’ve grown, I’ve had to deal with adulting imbibing new dimensions and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride, I’ve had to pick up new challenges, move around, stay with people and basically question a lot of things. There’s been paradigm shifts on so many things, therefore, lesson 25 is ON PERSPECTIVES.

As the world becomes more artificial, the authentic becomes more attractive and scripts on how things should be are getting flipped by the day. For many 20something (myself inclusive), this decade is made of mistakes and misfires are a welcome palliative. The confusion, disappointment and ego-bruising are all part of the formative process of becoming an adult and life often toss at us situations that questions all we thought we know.

Usually, I take into retrospection the previous year during the Month of May and I mostly get depressed at the thoughts of getting older (like coldfeet stepping into another phase) but this year is different, I wasn’t exactly excited but when I reminisced on the past memories that I’ve slipped into the pocket of my mind like a beach pebble I wasn’t sad or afraid either. Something has definitely changed.
I stand to be corrected, but, being a young adult has become too hard especially in this generation. Lack of opportunities. Being broke and jobless. Messed up relationships. Rejection and harsh judgements. So, I’ve got 2 nuggets on PERSPECTIVES that I’m working on and working for me that I’d like to share;

To Be Continued. . .



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Surprise Birthday party at Blackbell Restaurant, Victoria Island
A sister couldn’t have asked for a better first love!

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