One Year and Still Counting!

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Oh Yeah! Guess who is officially celebrating the one year anniversary of her blog?!
Of course you guessed right! This diva!
I want to say “Thank You” to every one of you; for every word you humbly read, every comment you honestly typed, every post you liked and willingly shared.
I feel so blessed to have you as a part of Oluwafunmibifayemi and for a wonderful 1st year as a blogger.
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And I’ve got great news too, I’ve started working on my first novel. Aye! Lips still sealed on the content but I’m so excited.
And finally, I’m sorry for struggling with the word ‘CONSISTENCY’, I’ve been really busy with my farm year taking a larger and more effective part of my days but I promise to work on that cos writing gives me that fulfilment.
Stay connected to oluwafunmibifayemi. . . Keep soaring with wings of grace.
Peace out✌

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I am a graduate of Agricultural Extension, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. I love to pen down words based on my own unique personal experiences and I'm always ready to acquire more knowledge. I'm working towards being a voice to reckon with as regards hope and literature. I love to be of humanitarian services and Motivate people. I'm a Christian depending on God's grace and strength to make an impact in the lives of people.

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