I was always a slave to freedom,
Of those who know how to float;
And who kiss the sky;
Until you appeared there.
I decided to land and stay in your soil,
I discovered my faith in your land.
My soul recognized your voice,
So my heart followed you.
I fly through your wings;
I wake up between your soul and my peace.
They are part of me.
I travel in your gaze,
You uplift me,
I’m better than I used to be,
All thanks to you dear.

I can reach out to hope for a better world,
You gave me reasons to believe in the tomorrow,
And I can soar high
With the strength of your words.
My heart delights in the song you’ve created in me;
And I fill my every essence with your every breathe,
Learning to let go of all turpitudes.
I’m fully clothe with strength and courage,
Adorned with smiles filled with joy,
Blessed to find my solace.
You are a part of me.
The one made for me.
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