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    Wednesday Wisdom

    Moral Lesson: When somebody gives you an opportunity, don’t insult them by saying they don’t know what they’re talking about for believing in you. Sometimes, it takes other people to discover what you carry on your inside before you’d come to realize it too. Sometimes, all you need is an opportunity, a push from the outside to discover the capacity you never thought you had. So, step out of the boat and test the waters. Explore the unseen and find yourself. Simply because you can’t see it yet, does not imply you don’t have it in you. The next time someone gives you an opportunity (especially on what you’ve never…

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    Monday Motivation

    From me to you, it is never going to make sense especially when you ain’t getting the desired results and “The Wait” starts to become tiring, but, the wait will always be worth it. – Keep putting in the work. – Check for where you might be getting it wrong. – Make necessary adjustments (Or start something new). – And trust the process. Have a wonderful week! 💌 Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Relationships are very important part of life and its role can never be overrated. Who you share your life with – Your Tribe, the people you grow and glow with, the ones whose lives reflect on yours. . . Your relationship will either make or mar you (or so the saying goes). Traditionally, friendships are built based on proximity and researches further buttress the point that we tend to have a greater fondness for those whom we spend more time with. But overtime, I’ve noticed that people often times, spend a great deal of time with people who no longer support their growth out of obligations that they’ve been friends…

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    Wednesday Wisdom

    Okay, pause right there. That doesn’t just apply to the #queens, even the #kings should check themselves. There ain’t no competition nor is there really a jobless somebody taking a role call. Everybody is just living in their time, creating their own magic and the least you can do as a friend/same color/same sex or at least as a fellow human is help people shine too. No need dimming others’ light for your own glow or impeding their growth because it threatens yours or challenge you (which should be a good thing if you see the positive sides of things). It ain’t no fun if the hommies can’t have some,…

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    2018 WRAP UP

    2018 was a great year for me. My growth game was nothing like I’ve ever experienced and I’m sure I’ll only be reiterating what you might have read already from the previous blog posts, so, I’m not going to bore you with the same stories. But, I must appreciate y’all. Thanks to everyone for the love and support. One phrase I’ve been meditating on for the past few weeks are, “These things are even shadow of things to come”. If 2018 was great, 2019 promises to be greater. . . So, on today’s year-end wrap up, I’m just going to say few things. Firstly, I’m not big on new year…


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