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    GrownUp Decisions

    Earlier last week, I had a conversation with one of my girlfriends and it was about how she’s having a hard time making some real grownup decisions. How she’s not so sure about what to do or how to act. What to say. The effects of the past and present choices. . . Honestly, when we had the conversation, I was in a very good place to talk to her. It felt like I know just the exact thing to say to her. At that moment, I was almost sure of what I want for myself and even the ones I wasn’t sure of, I was at a place of…

  • Thinking out loud


    Photo credit: shutterstock.com It has always been a blurry augury One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone Leaving me with detritus of memories Even the long time camaraderie could not bring us together And I wonder can love be this bilious Making it impossible to identify the nuance That makes what we have peculiar The volition to have you in my fantasy Seems to be the panacea for the ambivalent feelings entwined in my heart Photo credit: shutterstock.com I’ve got so much to say to you But I’ll rather will myself out of this morass I’ll pretend I don’t know what’s happening to us And painfully watch as…


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