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    @ 22 II

    Often times, we don’t get the concept of forgiveness. As human, we’ve made it our job to judge what sin can be forgiven and what sin can’t be forgiven. We sometimes feel we don’t deserve forgiveness for some sins so even when God forgives us, we don’t see the need ’cause in our heart of hearts we feel we don’t deserve it. To embrace God’s available forgiveness, you need to truly define who God is to you and know him for who he is. He’s not just your Creator, he’s a Father. He understands you even more than you do because he once lived as human on earth. He’s always…

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    @ 22

    Hi guys, I had my birthday last week and like I promised last year to see you at 22, here I am. I wrote 21 lessons @ 21 and now at 22, I’ve got 1(one) more lesson to add. I’ve learnt a lot within this one year and amongst these lessons, I’ve chosen one I believe I need to address. Lesson 22 :- FORGETTING YOUR PAST Trust me, it took a while before I got to know the difference between letting go and forgetting. You let go when you forgive but you can never be totally healed except you forget. Truth be told, I’m still a work in progress too…

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    22 Books (April)

    Hello, I guess I need to be spanked cos of my inconsistency but who will except I do that myself. When I think of how close I am to the end of my 22 book reading journey I wonder if I can meet up but I intend not to give chances to not meeting up. I read 4 books that include 2 crime novels, 1 sensation novel and 1 motivational book. 1) Play Dirty by Sandra Brown: An Interesting Crime novel. 2) The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House: A classic gripping murder mystery from Kate Summerscale. 3) Necessary Secrets: A sensation novel from Silhouette…


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