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    Daily Confessions For MAY on FAVOR I have favor with God and men. My ways please the Lord and He makes my enemies to be at peace with me. The Lord is always with me and He gives me favor before people in high places. I have a good heritage. I am blessed because I am in right standing with God. I am surrounded with a shield of God’s favor. I have chosen the Lord and He causes situations to align for my good. The hearts of the king are in the hands of the Lord and as rivers of waters, He directs them in my favor. I have audience…

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    A blogger friend VOB started a 31-day gratitude challenge on her blog and today is the 6th day, so this post is going to be me joining in on the challenge. 2018 is almost over and I must say it’s given me one great roller-coaster ride. I was tested in all ways; my strength, faith, love, trust, . . . I stretched out my limits, fell and rose up (in some situations, I couldn’t even look up), bruised and healed (and the ones that refused to heal up, I repressed), lost and grieved (I miss you Grandma), . . . Yet, still the year I’ve had my biggest growth, even…

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    Confession for December I am a child of God. I have the image and likeness of my Father. I commune with God constantly and consistently. I am a New Testament saint and I have the liberty to worship God in spirit and in truth. I am fervent in prayer and my prayer makes tremendous power available that is dynamic in its working. The Lord hears me at all times and delivers me from every trouble. God’s angels encamp all around me to ensure that I am well protected. I receive wisdom from the presence of God at all times. I am always led of the Spirit of God. I have…

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    Inner Beauty

         The poem you’re about to read was inspired by my pastor who’s also my friend —>> YEWANDE OGUNAJO. All these was put together just by thinking of her. . . A lady of excellence with a peaceful soul; Endowed with the strength and wisdom to take charge. A beauty to reckon with and a personality to be proud of; An African woman of grace and honour; Highly embedded with mines of virtues. Not only is your beauty outwards, but you have the inner beauty too. I love to see the way she LIGHTEN UP the room with her BIG smile. A lady with the auction of the holy one;…


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