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    For sometime now, “Happiness” has been a very heavy topic on my mind. Majorly because of my personal state of mind (I can literally call myself a Queen at mood swings) and day to day news too (especially the series of suicides and topics on depression trending everywhere). I struggled a lot with writing this post out of personal consciousness but after some random talks with a couple of people, I figured I really need to address it so I finally took time to look into the concept of happiness. Happiness can be said to be relative in meaning because what it means to one person can be different to…

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    Behind my SMILES

    Photo credit: Shutterstock.com Behind my smiles Is a face that has been sunned by resentment And watered by tears Behind my smiles Is a broken heart that hurts And ache from depression Photo credit: Shutterstock.com Behind my smiles Is a girl that is falling apart Drowning in an ocean of sorrow with no one to rescue Look behind my smiles And you’ll see how far I’m lost Then you’ll discover I’m not the same girl you know Who says you’re not perfect?! Trust me, you’re loved and unique! Much L💕VE, Oluwafunmibi.

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    Without A Word

    Shouldn’t have done it; should have ignored it. Like it wouldn’t be seen; like it couldn’t be seen. I don’t think I should have seen you; Should have runaway. Should have pretended not to hear; Like it wouldn’t be heard; Like it couldn’t be heard. . . I shouldn’t have listened to your love. . .

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         After my experience with Jude I’ve decided to stay single for as long as God wants because I’m not ready to go through heart breaks anymore. I’m fine with JUST ME and my career is growing cos’ I work on contract with some private companies so YES! I’m doing great with no problem from a man.      For good ten (10) months, I was so much in love with myself. It wasn’t like men ain’t coming around but I just chose to decline all advances simply because I don’t want to be any man’s victim anymore. I enjoyed attending to my hot rocking body; daily exercise (including 50 sit…