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    On Failing Forward ii

    Hi everyone, trust you’ve been doing great? This is the second part of my last post about “Failure” and how our perspective about it can change everything. Amongst the many times I’ve failed at something, failing ZOO101 in my year one stuck with me more because not only was my intelligence questioned but my tenacity too. Being a model-child with academic excellence, I was shocked when I failed a course in my first semester in the university. First thing I did was tell my mum because I needed to draw comfort and strength from knowing she’ll always be in my corner (this is something I don’t think most students going…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Hola, it’s been a while. Trust y’all have been having a great month? Earlier this month, I intimated that I’d be off the blogging grid for a while because of some projects I’m working on which I thought will be over by the end of this month, well, it has been extended to next month so I’ve got more weeks of work to do (the extra time is good for me tho – affords me more time to prepare), just that I miss writing and blogging. It’s like I barely have a life of my own for weeks now, it’s as bad as not being able to sleep well or…

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    500 level Almost Here!

    Just left the reading room where I’ve been since yesterday preparing for the papers I have today and I realised I’m almost in my finals. Entering year 5 ain’t beans but the truth is it has been God all the way. Through it all, he has been my strength, shield, provider, protector, guardian, lover and a great father. As I start my exams today, I look forward to my best results yet because I know my best days as an undergraduate are yet to come for my path will keep getting brighter and brighter until the day of perfection. I trust God to take care of me!

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    Straight from my heart

    Hi everyone! I’m honestly sorry I’ve not been posting any write-ups for sometime now, partially because network is pretty bad these days and because I’ve been really busy preparing for exams. I’m starting my exams tomorrow and I believe this is gonna be my best semester yet. I love you guys so much!


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