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    One Year and Still Counting!

    Photo credit: shutterstock.com Oh Yeah! Guess who is officially celebrating the one year anniversary of her blog?! Of course you guessed right! This diva! I want to say ‚ÄúThank You” to every one of you; for every word you humbly read, every comment you honestly typed, every post you liked and willingly shared. I feel so blessed to have you as a part of Oluwafunmibifayemi and for a wonderful 1st year as a blogger. Photo credit: shutterstock.com And I’ve got great news too, I’ve started working on my first novel. Aye! Lips still sealed on the content but I’m so excited. And finally, I’m sorry for struggling with the word…

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    Year 4

    I’m so excited I’ll finish my exams tomorrow. My last paper for year 3 is by 8:00am and I feel so excited. I’m amazed by how time flies and when I remembered how and when I started I laugh at myself for how green and naive I was then. Suddenly, I wish I’m taking a 4year course so that means I’ll finish next session but my course is 5years **shrugs** what can I do??! But all the same I’m glad year 3 will soon be over because it was one hell of a session. I had classes Monday to Thursday from 9am – 6pm except on Wednesday 10am – 6pm,…


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