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    I’m very much not the betting type, somehow, growing up, I made myself believe luck ain’t really my thing so I don’t go near gambling, betting or involving in any form of scheme and not even getting general bonuses from network providers further made me believe even when I see others around me getting them (lol). But, one thing I’ve ever gambled on is Myself. My pollyannaish attitude to life always make me believe I can get through any situation or stage I find myself. There is always hope for every new day. Betting on yourself is almost always as a result of Self-confidence. The positive attitude you hold about…

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    Desires Vs Fears

    I’m a student in a leadership school (LEAD ACADEMY) and in a class we had few weeks ago, my teacher said something which I wrote down. He said, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. While I was going through my notes, I tried to break the quote down to my understanding. Some four words are constant in the context of succeeding or achieving a goal; – Desire – Success – Fear – Failure      The end goal which means the success you desire and the faults that can sabotage the goal which leads to its failure that you fear. After…

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    21 LESSONS @ 21

         This is a birthday tradition I got from my friend/blog mentor- AYOTOLA @ Ayotola.com check her up for great posts.      I had an awesome 21 birthday . I started receiving gifts days into my birthday (thanks Tendy). I got momma’s showers of blessing too. I got my cake at 6:47am (thanks Adeniyi) and loads of gifts afterwards (thanks EVERYBODY). I love my messages and amazing voices singing on VN. I spent it celebrating children’s day in church and it was a great one. In summary, I had a great 21 birthday.      Okay about these 21 lessons, they’re as a result of personal experiences: triumphs and downfalls, the…

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    The Girl In The Mirror

    I slept yesternight thinking hard about who I am And that same question has been my Achilles’s heel for too long. It has been my weakness that whenever I think of who I am I always feel tremor from my stomach to my bone marrow. When I woke up this morning I was different from the girl of last night. Something has changed about me Did I have a dream again? I can’t remember But I felt the change so I picked up my mirror. And there in it I saw the answer to all my fears. The mirror made me see the reflection of who I am. I am…

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    It all happened so fast but I still feel the debris of my fears Felt like I’ve lost all I believed in Both the persons and things I felt so empty that I wanted to scream It was like the world was Crumbling at my feet I felt like I’ve lost myself And everything seems to end The road I’ve been on many times seems so new I was so terrified like It was my first time That I became really weak & fragile Then I cried out to that inner strength The strength that has always carried me on This is not my first enigma period So I can’t…


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