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    This ain’t just about church attendance or some little prayers or the daily verses you supposedly meditate on. Over the years, I’ve come to see God as my father and I’ve never been so CONVINCE about any other fact like this. I see us in a Father-Daughter relationship where I’m the apple of his eyes (that precious daughter nothing must do). He’s committed to me his girl and I to him as a well trained child. He has some duties and obligations towards me, his beautiful daughter and I have some duties and obligations towards Him too. It’s a strong family ties where we go through every ups and down together. When we have…

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    Meditation v

    Daily meditation puts you in charge of your life because your concept of reality won’t be dictated by the challenges you face in life but by what the word of God says about you. By chewing and meditating on what his word says, we have a better concept on how our lives are meant to be and how easy it can be achievable if only we can surrender our will to him and allow his plans and ways which are always better than ours. Extra text; Psalm 1:1-3 Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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    Meditation iii

    Meditation enables you to develop a healthy and progressive relationship with God. People’s plans fail not because God never spoke to them but because they stopped listening to God. This was discovered by the early apostles so they appointed deacons that they (apostles) could focus more on prayer. Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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    Meditation ii

    Meditation improves our ability to fellowship with God. It enables us to commune with him in fellowship as he reveals more to us about our purpose, receive wisdom to tackle obstacles we face on the journey to fulfilling purpose and precise instructions on how to grow effectively in our purpose. Much Love,  Oluwafunmibi Fayemi


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