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    Daily Confessions for February on EXCELLENCE I have the spirit of excellence. I am inspired by God for excellence in all my ways. I am blessed by God to excel above every limitation in this life. The empowerment to succeed, excel and prosper works in my life at all times. I am in the image and likeness of an excellent God. I have what it takes to excel in life. I am committed to developing a strong image of excellence through the process of meditation. I am resistant to mediocrity. I live a life that is above and beyond the average. My spirit is trained to resist mediocrity and my…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Hola, it’s been a while. Trust y’all have been having a great month? Earlier this month, I intimated that I’d be off the blogging grid for a while because of some projects I’m working on which I thought will be over by the end of this month, well, it has been extended to next month so I’ve got more weeks of work to do (the extra time is good for me tho – affords me more time to prepare), just that I miss writing and blogging. It’s like I barely have a life of my own for weeks now, it’s as bad as not being able to sleep well or…

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    The Wait (Book Review)

    ​“God doesn’t show your heart to everybody. He only shows it to people He can trust with it.”                             – DeVon to Meagan Pre- The Wait A friend (Abimbola) actually sent me the book and I was super excited when she did because prio to that, I’ve always been a big fan of Meagan Good. Apart from my love for Meagan, I’ve seen and read quite a number of interviews by the couple so I know they make a great pair and I’ve been super interested in knowing how Meagan nailed a Minister *lol*, I mean, if…

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    This ain’t just about church attendance or some little prayers or the daily verses you supposedly meditate on. Over the years, I’ve come to see God as my father and I’ve never been so CONVINCE about any other fact like this. I see us in a Father-Daughter relationship where I’m the apple of his eyes (that precious daughter nothing must do). He’s committed to me his girl and I to him as a well trained child. He has some duties and obligations towards me, his beautiful daughter and I have some duties and obligations towards Him too. It’s a strong family ties where we go through every ups and down together. When we have…

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    Heal My Soul

    Take my heart, take my pain Take my mind, take my shame Like the wool soaks up the fluid Heal my soul from its nemesis. Exchange my scars for your love Exchange my bitterness for your sweetness Encapsule me in the solace of your peace Heal my soul from its nemesis. Wipe my tears with the tenderness of your attention Wipe my fears with the strength of your assuring words Watch me bare my soul to you guilelessly Heal my soul from its nemesis. Love me like its doom day Kiss me like my last breathe hinges on it Show me the wonders of being truly loved Heal my soul…


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