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    Happy New Month Kings and Queens! I started a piece on Happiness in my last post where I shared my ideas and what I learnt about the concept of happiness. This post is a continuation. Happiness has been mistaken to mean a couple of things like; Having all the money you could ever want, feeling hyper all the time, refusing to see all the negative stuffs in the world or even as a final destination amongst other things. On the contrary, happiness can be attained by; – Having new experiences, being of help to others. – Nurturing healthy relationships. – Gratitude, Being grateful for what you have. – Paying attention…

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    It's a new month and the beginning of the 2nd half of the YEAR!

    Life they say is not a Pass-fail test But a trial-and-error process This I hold on to as I put aside all hurts and blames And reach out to the greater good that comes with the new season Life they say is not promised to anyone But there is one promise of God’s mercies never ending This I hold on to as I embrace new beginnings hopefully And I welcome this new season with new mercies for everyday in it. Happy New Month and I pray this 2nd half of the year brings forth double good tidings of what we may have experienced in the 1st half… Amen! Much Love,…


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