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    Monday Motivation

    Life is worth living, don’t ever settle for anything less of that because your existence has a purpose attached to it and unless you unleash that purpose, life will only pass through you and not you passing through life. “Everybody Dies but not Everybody Lives.” – Onika Tanya Maraj (Simply put; Nicki Minaj) It is true that the path to success is not always a straight line. Sometimes it’s crooked. Sometimes it’s curved. Some days it’s easy. Some days it’s hard. But no matter what the path appears to look like, stay focused on what you have set out to accomplish because in the end, how you lived your life…

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    I’m very much not the betting type, somehow, growing up, I made myself believe luck ain’t really my thing so I don’t go near gambling, betting or involving in any form of scheme and not even getting general bonuses from network providers further made me believe even when I see others around me getting them (lol). But, one thing I’ve ever gambled on is Myself. My pollyannaish attitude to life always make me believe I can get through any situation or stage I find myself. There is always hope for every new day. Betting on yourself is almost always as a result of Self-confidence. The positive attitude you hold about…

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    Dear 20Something,

    After my 10th birthday, my mum got so sick even she was scared of dying. As a child, I couldn’t do much than stay by her sick bed, help her sit up, get her stuffs, cry with her while I assure her she’ll get through (which she eventually did) and I’ll make promises of things I’ll do for her. I begged her one night to please stay with me and my brothers, that, in ten (10) years time, I’ll be old enough to take proper care of her (commonsensically, my 10 year old self summed up 6 years in high school and 4 years in the university and figured I…

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    I’ve never been a fan of/for stereotypes. I’m a maverick true and through. For some, they prefer to be termed ROGUE, others choose MISFITS amongst other concepts, I mostly prefer to refer to myself as NOT YOUR REGULAR TYPE OF GIRL. Generally, people who are seen as different are those not comfortable with their surroundings and are seen to be disturbingly different than others not because their choices have negative effects on them or others but because they dare to be pragmatic about their lifestyle and not just the usual banality. No need to hoodwink themselves about choices they will be doleful about. And no matter where their choices take…


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