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    Daily Confessions for February on EXCELLENCE I have the spirit of excellence. I am inspired by God for excellence in all my ways. I am blessed by God to excel above every limitation in this life. The empowerment to succeed, excel and prosper works in my life at all times. I am in the image and likeness of an excellent God. I have what it takes to excel in life. I am committed to developing a strong image of excellence through the process of meditation. I am resistant to mediocrity. I live a life that is above and beyond the average. My spirit is trained to resist mediocrity and my…

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    Okay, guess who is back? Yeah right, ME. Done with the herculean part of my project and the truth is my results weren’t even close to my expectations compare to my preparations and desires but close enough to be useful for what I need it for, thereby, teaching me another lesson (ain’t that part of what makes life interesting?). Did I miss writing? Hell Yeah! Was it worth it? Yeah, because I’ve learnt a lot now about perspectives, scale of preference and sacrificing one thing for the good of another and once more, I realize how much I’m loved and my worth because I felt the love from all sides…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Hola, it’s been a while. Trust y’all have been having a great month? Earlier this month, I intimated that I’d be off the blogging grid for a while because of some projects I’m working on which I thought will be over by the end of this month, well, it has been extended to next month so I’ve got more weeks of work to do (the extra time is good for me tho – affords me more time to prepare), just that I miss writing and blogging. It’s like I barely have a life of my own for weeks now, it’s as bad as not being able to sleep well or…

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    Girlfriends ❤

    Before you continue reading this post, I should let you know it has nothing to do with Self-righteousness. Thanks! While studying in my room this evening, I had a stray thought to one of my girlfriends and then I thought of every other ones and then I built on the thoughts further and felt so grateful to God for gifting me with such relationships. And then I further thought of the person I might have been if I’ve had a different set of ladies in my life (I’m pretty sure I won’t have this blog nor will you be reading this). My stray thoughts made me realize I am who…

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    Hello Saturday,

    “Live by Decision, not Emotion.” Honestly, you’ll never feel like doing a lot of things. Its just better we stop deceiving ourselves by trying to wait for that moment we’ll “feel” like doing a thing to do it. I remember drafting this post since Wednesday and if I’m to be honest with myself, I didn’t feel like posting it immediately because I kept giving myself reasons why I shouldn’t yet (especially my media upload that keeps failing) and kept on promising myself, I’ll do it later and the later comes and I’ll pick another later. I woke up earlier today to get rid of that “Later Syndrome” only to find…


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