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    I Want You

    I want to see you flinch when I touch your scars and you tell me each story. I want to hear the secrets you’ve carried for so long that eats you up. I want to see beyond the surface to that pain you’ve successfully hidden. I want to hear the memories of your childhood that draws tears out of your eyes. I want you to look into my eyes and talk about everything. I desire your heart, mind and soul. I want you, with every pieces in every way. Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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                      God the LOVER      In the last post I talked about being in a FATHER-CHILD relationship with God and how awesome it can be. Well, you’re gonna read the LOVERS aspect today. Have you ever been in love?! Trust me at some point in your life, feeling butterflies in your belly is one experience you’ll always treasure.

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    Without A Word

    Shouldn’t have done it; should have ignored it. Like it wouldn’t be seen; like it couldn’t be seen. I don’t think I should have seen you; Should have runaway. Should have pretended not to hear; Like it wouldn’t be heard; Like it couldn’t be heard. . . I shouldn’t have listened to your love. . .

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    Photo credit: My gallery It seems too right yet its so wrong; The feelings so deep when it should be shallow. With every little bad things they do, it feels so good; And every time it hurts it feels great. She ain’t scared of scar anymore but look forward to it, Cos’ really being with him is worth the remembrance; Even if that has to do with living with the scar. She really don’t need to ask herself when she already know; He’s the one her heart follows . . .


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