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    You’ve tried to fill your void with every girl; Made me feel I’m different and special; You led me on that you want me; Gave me so much comfort that I put you on top. All you did was seek for my attention and appeal to my emotions; And I was naive enough to fall for it; I almost walked on blades to get to you boy; Broke down my walls to allow you. What we had was pretty close but still not love; I thought you needed time and space; But, while I crave to feel you in my heart and on my mind; She lay in your arms…

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    I Want You

    I want to see you flinch when I touch your scars and you tell me each story. I want to hear the secrets you’ve carried for so long that eats you up. I want to see beyond the surface to that pain you’ve successfully hidden. I want to hear the memories of your childhood that draws tears out of your eyes. I want you to look into my eyes and talk about everything. I desire your heart, mind and soul. I want you, with every pieces in every way. Much Love, Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

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    Heal My Soul

    Take my heart, take my pain Take my mind, take my shame Like the wool soaks up the fluid Heal my soul from its nemesis. Exchange my scars for your love Exchange my bitterness for your sweetness Encapsule me in the solace of your peace Heal my soul from its nemesis. Wipe my tears with the tenderness of your attention Wipe my fears with the strength of your assuring words Watch me bare my soul to you guilelessly Heal my soul from its nemesis. Love me like its doom day Kiss me like my last breathe hinges on it Show me the wonders of being truly loved Heal my soul…

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         I stumbled on a poem I wrote for my mum 2 years ago and I’m gonna dedicate it to all great mums out there (dead or alive). . . You’re our treasure, mentor and goddess. . . We love you. . . You are my backbone, my treasure; You are such a rare gem, my treasure; The pearl I’m lucky to have, my treasure; Sometimes I wonder what could have become of me, If I ain’t blessed to have a wonderful mum like you, You lighten my path with your smiles and taught me the ways of the Lord, You are the compass that guides me along my direction,…


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