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    I’m very much not the betting type, somehow, growing up, I made myself believe luck ain’t really my thing so I don’t go near gambling, betting or involving in any form of scheme and not even getting general bonuses from network providers further made me believe even when I see others around me getting them (lol). But, one thing I’ve ever gambled on is Myself. My pollyannaish attitude to life always make me believe I can get through any situation or stage I find myself. There is always hope for every new day. Betting on yourself is almost always as a result of Self-confidence. The positive attitude you hold about…

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    At some points in our lives, we’ve to live for our beliefs, respect and love ourselves not because of pride but for the confidence in us. The truth is the world is doing a great job seeing to it that you lose hope, making your best look so terrible and calling you names, but, you’ve got to stand up for yourself, be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Affirm it to yourself, see yourself doing it and never give up trying. It doesn’t hurt to be persistent. Pick yourself back up every time you hit the floor. Never give up on your dreams. Believe in…


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