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    Loving Me

    Sometimes you just have to let go or walk out of some things or situations and these I’ve been known to do lately and I honestly understand why my loved ones couldn’t wrap their head around it but I’ve learnt to say my ‘Yes‘ or ‘No‘ and rock it cos’ I mean it. People will talk especially loved ones and most times some decisions are not easy to explain but I’ve learnt to respect the fact that People won’t shut up. The ones that love you the most might even be the loudest voices. Listen to people and stuff but make sure you’re not auditioning for the okay of humans.…

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    @ 22 II

    Often times, we don’t get the concept of forgiveness. As human, we’ve made it our job to judge what sin can be forgiven and what sin can’t be forgiven. We sometimes feel we don’t deserve forgiveness for some sins so even when God forgives us, we don’t see the need ’cause in our heart of hearts we feel we don’t deserve it. To embrace God’s available forgiveness, you need to truly define who God is to you and know him for who he is. He’s not just your Creator, he’s a Father. He understands you even more than you do because he once lived as human on earth. He’s always…

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    @ 22

    Hi guys, I had my birthday last week and like I promised last year to see you at 22, here I am. I wrote 21 lessons @ 21 and now at 22, I’ve got 1(one) more lesson to add. I’ve learnt a lot within this one year and amongst these lessons, I’ve chosen one I believe I need to address. Lesson 22 :- FORGETTING YOUR PAST Trust me, it took a while before I got to know the difference between letting go and forgetting. You let go when you forgive but you can never be totally healed except you forget. Truth be told, I’m still a work in progress too…

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    Its Another Valentine!

    Photo credit: shutterstock.com No need beating around the bush, all I’ll say is show someone love. You know that person that needs what you have surplus of, show some love by giving, help someone who can’t even repay your kindness, express your love nature in the most ideal and healthy way. The true essence of Valentine ain’t just for people you’re in love with but for people who need or desire to be loved. Finally, love yourself too because the truth is you can’t give what you don’t have. Photo credit: shutterstock.com Check 1John 4:16-21 Happy Valentine! Much Love, Oluwafunmibi. IG & Twitter; @phunmiborn

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    21 LESSONS @ 21 II

    Lesson 12 :- DON’T LET THE PRESSURE GET TO YOU Honestly, you just have to learn to be in control of situation because trust me the demands are not going to let up. People’s voices are never going to drown at your insistence. The pressure will come and you’ll feel the realness. It will come from all facets of your life. You’ll feel it in your life spiritually, academically, emotionally, financially, socially, morally, mentally, psychologically, and the toughest in your relationships. You’ll be torn in between making decisions and setting priorities right which is never done easily if you have so many people looking up to you or high expectations…


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