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    “Anybody who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without the feminine ferment.” – Karl Marx International Women’s Day is merrily and indulgently praised everywhere throughout the world worshiping the noteworthy commitments and accomplishments of ladies who have sparkled in their individual spaces. It isn’t important that these ladies must be the CEOs or proprietors of worldwide organizations; they can be customary ladies making close to nothing or enormous commitments in their own particular manner to the society. Throughout history, in every culture around the world, extraordinary women have pushed society to think bigger, move forward and create. Helen Keller, Aretha Franklin, Oby Ezekweli, Hillary Clinton,…

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    The Positive Mindset ii

    In my previous post, I started a discussion on having a positive mindset towards situations and I gave three (3) pointers that can help on that which includes; Identification of situations, Gratitude and Meditation. This post is a wrap up on the topic and I’ll briefly discuss three (3) other pointers. 4. Detoxify often: Some people will literally not be able to afford some airlines because of the baggage they pack along (sarcasm), please learn to travel light. It is unfair on the future if you drag along toxins from your past into it. All those things that you think about too much but still won’t change, drop them. Cut…

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    Wednesday Wisdom

    Moral Lesson: When somebody gives you an opportunity, don’t insult them by saying they don’t know what they’re talking about for believing in you. Sometimes, it takes other people to discover what you carry on your inside before you’d come to realize it too. Sometimes, all you need is an opportunity, a push from the outside to discover the capacity you never thought you had. So, step out of the boat and test the waters. Explore the unseen and find yourself. Simply because you can’t see it yet, does not imply you don’t have it in you. The next time someone gives you an opportunity (especially on what you’ve never…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Relationships are very important part of life and its role can never be overrated. Who you share your life with – Your Tribe, the people you grow and glow with, the ones whose lives reflect on yours. . . Your relationship will either make or mar you (or so the saying goes). Traditionally, friendships are built based on proximity and researches further buttress the point that we tend to have a greater fondness for those whom we spend more time with. But overtime, I’ve noticed that people often times, spend a great deal of time with people who no longer support their growth out of obligations that they’ve been friends…

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    ​Though It Cost Much; Get Wisdom ii

    Hi guys, in my last post, I started a talk on wisdom and the types we have, so , I’ll continue by sharing two ways by which I know wisdom can be acquired. * The first and foremost way to get wisdom is to Meditate on what God’s Word says concerning your area of purpose, as well as other related areas. This could be achieved with this short recipe; – Search for scriptural verses for the different areas of your life and ruminate on them. – Affirm them. – Repeat the process continuously. – Be committed to doing what the scripture instructs. Truth is your perception and your approach to…


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