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    NYSC ii

    This is a continuation of my last post. So, overall, I had a great year, probably my best yet. Spiritually, I had a great relationship with God, met friends we prayed together. I listened to more sermons, fasted and prayed more than I’ve ever done and saw results like never before. Socially, as introverted as I turned, I met really great people both in the church (CGMi) I joined, my flatmates and even fellow corpers that I’ll forever be bonded with. Financially, I was more prudent and shrewd, as little as the allowance was with no stipend from my PPA, I still saved more and I learnt more to trust…

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    The way I’ve been sleeping since yesterday is alarming (at some point, I told a friend I might have been stung by tse tse fly – lol). This is an extreme late post, since, I was meant to do this 10 days ago, but, I’ve been travelling ever since and spent most of the days busy and in places with little or no network reception. On the 18th of this month, October, I did my POP (passing out parade) from the mandatory 1-year National Service expected of every graduate in Nigeria of 30 years old and below. It wasn’t really a ceremonial event as expected (probably the government was trying…

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    Okay, guess who is back? Yeah right, ME. Done with the herculean part of my project and the truth is my results weren’t even close to my expectations compare to my preparations and desires but close enough to be useful for what I need it for, thereby, teaching me another lesson (ain’t that part of what makes life interesting?). Did I miss writing? Hell Yeah! Was it worth it? Yeah, because I’ve learnt a lot now about perspectives, scale of preference and sacrificing one thing for the good of another and once more, I realize how much I’m loved and my worth because I felt the love from all sides…

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    Thursday Thoughts

    Hola, it’s been a while. Trust y’all have been having a great month? Earlier this month, I intimated that I’d be off the blogging grid for a while because of some projects I’m working on which I thought will be over by the end of this month, well, it has been extended to next month so I’ve got more weeks of work to do (the extra time is good for me tho – affords me more time to prepare), just that I miss writing and blogging. It’s like I barely have a life of my own for weeks now, it’s as bad as not being able to sleep well or…

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    The last time I posted was on the 1st of this month. Somehow, I usually just confuse the fact that “I write in my draft” with “I’ve sent it online”, so I don’t usually realized I’ve not posted until days later (these are no good excuses but it’s my truth) and I’ll take conscious effort to work on that. Another truth is that, I’ve been really busy of late, not really had time to write as often as I want because of some projects I’m working on which will run the span of this month till early october, please bear with me. This is just a billet (informal letter) to…


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