The Girl In The Mirror

I slept yesternight thinking hard about who I am
And that same question has been my Achilles’s heel for too long.
It has been my weakness that whenever I think of who I am
I always feel tremor from my stomach to my bone marrow.
When I woke up this morning I was different from the girl of last night.
Something has changed about me
Did I have a dream again? I can’t remember
But I felt the change so I picked up my mirror.
And there in it I saw the answer to all my fears.
The mirror made me see the reflection of who I am.
I am a girl who has been endowed with strength & wisdom.
The girl in the mirror sees every failure as a lesson.
My reflection showed me how wonderful & beautiful I am
And told me I am the first prophet of my life.
No matter what anybody feels and think about me
I determine how far I want to go in life.
The girl in the mirror has learnt to know how much she’s WORTH
So that she’ll stop giving people DISCOUNTS.
And she knows she is not a one in a million kind of girl
She is a once in a lifetime kind of woman who doesn’t have to compete with a man for his position.
I have my position and I’m comfortable with being the CHANGE with it.
The reflection of the girl in the mirror is who I am. . .

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