Hello guys, its another valentine season again and my heart has been heavy on sharing some things with ourselves.
     LOVE. . . that’s a huge word you know? Its the wheel behind the journey of life. At some point you’ll be in love and how you felt or you’ve been made to feel goes a long way to leave footprints of the meaning of love to you. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of break ups & couples cheating on each other and I’m like where is the love they started the relationship with??! Who or what went wrong?! I rarely hear happy love stories these days which makes me think, doesn’t true love exist anymore? Or maybe it’s just the environment that I’m in or the people around me. I’m not saying there are no happy relationships either but the ratio to the latter is quite small. Many kids are hurt from separated homes and are so scared to love, many its the film they’ve seen or books they’ve read or just other people around them that they care for but has seen gotten hurt by loving someone. For some reasons, some people has been made to believe  the fault is in them and that made them believe that they may not be worthy to be with,  because when the person you get to be with for a long time can’t decide to commit, how much more with someone you’re just getting to know or about to meet?
For one person, the moment you feel the love, you’re willing to give it all. It seems though that at the moment you give in and show your vulnerability, you get manipulated. Then there’s unrequited love, inconsistencies, hot and cold, complacency or ego.
      Well, if you’ve been down that road you don’t have to let go, there will be someone someday who will treasure a special someone like you for who you are. Personally, I’ve learnt that I could be enough for someone. That there will be someone who will make you realize you’re all they ever need.
That you don’t have to earn their love and you don’t have to beg for it because you already know that they love all of you from the beginning. If you’ve given it all and it didn’t work out, it’s not about you, it’s about them and their issues. The fact that you are able to give it all without expecting anything in return but just a hope of appreciation, makes you special, it’s just the quality of the people you are loving and you chose to love. You don’t have to give up on love, there will be someone someday who will treasure a special someone like you because they’ll know you’re hard to find, that someone will love you with all their heart and soul, they will surrender, they will never give up on you, they will give you everything there is and more, so much that it scares you.
     True love maybe do exist. We’ll never know until it hits us and the moment that happens, it could be the best feeling in the world. You have to believe in love and choose to love because I’m sure you still have a lot of love to give cos its in you and love is a follow come nature embedded in you by God.
      Tomorrow, February 14, while everyone is out celebrating with their love ones, you can celebrate it too with the one you have just started loving. . . Yourself!
If you don’t learn to love yourself first you can’t learn to love others
likewise you can’t learn to love yourself by first loving others – My quote.” Its the love you’ve learnt to maximize in you that you’ll spread abroad to every other person around you. So babe or dude, you’ve got to give yourself a nice treat tomorrow, take some time out, meet your friends, watch movies that will make you laugh so much you’ll almost crack your ribs not emotional movies, do something different from the regulars, go to the spa and relax your tensed muscles, eat chocolates and cake, eat pizza with the girls, play soccer with the boys, get yourself a gift, make someone else happy. . . just Love yourself so well you won’t notice you spent it alone at the end of the day.
      Another thing to do tomorrow is showing compassion to the less privilege. Reach out to someone who won’t be able to give back, reach out to the poor,the sick. . . They need that love most and trust me there’s a satisfaction and joy you feel in your heart when you help the needy and you really don’t know how much seed you’ve sown into that person’s life but what goes around definitely comes back around. Make it a lifestyle to help the needy the joy of doing that is enough and the blessing for spreading the love is jaw breaking.
      According to the greatest law it says “love your neighbour as yourself ” so once again let us allow the love of God in us rule and conquer everything. I’ll love to rest my pen now on the wish that everyone will have a splendid VALENTINE tomorrow loving themselves more than ever and sharing the LOVE in them abroad to everyone.

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