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Wednesday Wisdom

Muse: Rogue Trybe (CEO)

Okay, pause right there. That doesn’t just apply to the #queens, even the #kings should check themselves.

There ain’t no competition nor is there really a jobless somebody taking a role call. Everybody is just living in their time, creating their own magic and the least you can do as a friend/same color/same sex or at least as a fellow human is help people shine too. No need dimming others’ light for your own glow or impeding their growth because it threatens yours or challenge you (which should be a good thing if you see the positive sides of things).

It ain’t no fun if the hommies can’t have some, you climb a ladder and have access to some goodies that you know is gon make your people climb too, share ’em. It literally takes nothing from you.

We rise by lifting others (Or so the saying goes).

You gotta grow with your tribe and not tear them down out of your selfishness (Ask around people who’s made it, it sure gets quite lonely up the stairs when you don’t have people of your status to share the ups and downs with).

Personally, I’m of the opinion that my friends should grow with me. I don’t want to be the only successful one who have to dim her light so others can be comfortable around me (neither am I okay carrying the weight of everyone). I want us all to live the life together, soar and be a force together. I want to hear their success stories and be challenged to live my life better.

I patronize my friends and if I know you’ve got content and quality, I don’t hesitate to talk about you or your area of expertise anywhere, just about anything to sell you (I can be a very good hype woman – sell you even more than you can sell yourself), but that’s me. I feel we should be walking on these steps together, thriving together and securing the bags together.

Candles don’t get dimmer by lighting other candles, instead it makes the room brighter.

I want to be able to sit back, go through my contact list and revel at my wealth, not just about things my account statement can afford but my tribe – my people.

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I am a graduate of Agricultural Extension, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. I love to pen down words based on my own unique personal experiences and I'm always ready to acquire more knowledge. I'm working towards being a voice to reckon with as regards hope and literature. I love to be of humanitarian services and Motivate people. I'm a Christian depending on God's grace and strength to make an impact in the lives of people.


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